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Legislative Branch

When the framers of the Constitution met in Philadelphia, they wanted a fair judical branch. Of course, this branch should not overshadow the other two. Therefore, its power is not absolute. This way, it fits the concept of Checks and Balances. There wer other criteria as well. The federal courts would not be able to handle all the cases, nor should they. Not all cases applied to the whole nation. Therefore, they provided the states with the power to make their own courts, state and regional. This is an example of fedralism. To learn more about how the courts are set up, check below. If the supreme court is what you need information on, check the links below. And if there is one thing you need to know from this section, it is SUPREME COURT DECISIONS. Please be sure to know them for the Regents and AP exams. As always, email me if you have any questions.

Decisions of the Supreme Court
Important Head Justicies
Current Cases

Supreme Court

State Courts

Regional Courts

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