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As a nation born of bloodshed, the US has been unable to go 50 years without a war or police action. Whether for our own protection (WWII), Manifest Destiny (Mexican War), internal conflicts (Civil War), out of suspicion (Spanish-American War), or for the protection of others (Persian Gulf Conflict), the United States has found war inevitable. For having so many conflicts, the US holds a surprising record. It has lost only one (Vietnam). Most of the nation's success is due to its location. Most wars errupt in the "old world," separated by thousands of miles of ocean. Besides, for the longest time, the US adheared to Washington's belief a policies of neutrality and isolationism. Of course, after WWII, the US declared that it had internation policing powers. Also, it followed a policy of containment to ensure that the USSR did not spread its influence around the world. As always, I hope that you find everything you need here,and if something is misleading or just plain wrong, please email me.


Declared Wars
Undeclared Wars
Police Actions


Types of Combat
Evolution of Combat

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